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Your child learns differently. Now what?

Developing Capable, Confident Learners, Prepared for School and Life.

Most children who learn differently don’t get the help they need at school.

So Parents
  • Spend hours every week helping with schoolwork
  • Fight the nightly homework battles
  • Watch their children’s self-esteem, curiosity and drive dwindle away

BrainWare Learning

We help parents turn their children’s academic career around, restore their joy in learning, and help them develop into well-rounded, successful young adults.

True and False

(and a BIG SECRET)


Intelligence is fixed and can’t change.


Intelligence can be developed much more than most people think.


The cognitive skills that are the
foundation of learning are responsible
for 50% of the variability in student
achievement – and, with our help, you
can change them!

Developing capable and confident learners

Closing the achievement gap by closing the cognitive gap

Developing a smarter and more flexible workforce

3 Steps to Students Who

  • Are better focused
  • Learn more easily
  • Understand and remember what they read and hear
  • Are more confident and have greater self-esteem
  • Have less anxiety
  • Do better on standardized tests
  • Remember to do tasks and assignments
  • Are better prepared for school and life


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Cognitive Skills

There are many different mental processes or cognitive skills that are important in learning and thinking. As you read this list, think about your child and how stronger and weaker skills impact how they do in school, their relationships with family and friends, and everything they do in life. Then think about how different things might be if you and your child knew how to use their strongest skills to meet academic and life challenges and to build up weaker skills.

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