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1. We believe that a solid foundation needs to be in place for students and adults to learn effectively and efficiently, with strong foundational cognitive skills and executive functions.

2. We believe that each individual’s learning capacity can be developed to a far greater degree than most think possible. Individuals who learn differently deserve more than accommodations and workarounds. They deserve the opportunity to build their cognitive capacity.

3. We believe that education and economics are two sides of the same coin. Improving the educational performance of students is vital to realizing their economic potential. Too many children and adults struggle to achieve their goals because they do not have the developed cognitive capacity to do so. This is especially true for students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who are being educated in a language other than their native language, and students who have learning disabilities.

4. We believe that the educational performance gaps for these students can be closed by narrowing the cognitive development gaps that make learning a struggle and hold many back from achieving their potential.

5. We believe that building the best brain-training software and evidence-based, brain-compatible solutions requires the contributions of multiple disciplines. We work diligently on integrating the fields of neuroscience, education, the practice of clinical therapeutic disciplines, and workforce development. We then combine this expertise with the best practices of technology and gamification to offer powerful, flexible, engaging and effective tools to improve learning.

6. We believe that the human mind can be developed to a greater degree than heretofore imagined by most and that cognitive development can provide the basis for academic and life success for every individual.


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