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Five Skills that Would Make Teaching Easier (and More Effective)


Teaching is not an easy job and it’s not getting any easier. Like just about every profession, the technology used for the job, the expectations and the pressure continue to increase. Too many teachers are not as effective as they need or want to be. More days than not, many leave their classrooms feeling frustrated and inadequate because they have gaps in their knowledge and skills.

In this webinar, we explore five gaps in the knowledge and skill base of most teachers and how those impact their effectiveness and student learning. The gaps we discuss exist in large part because teacher preparation programs treat them in a superficial way and do not provide an opportunity for teachers to practice the skills, and these skills aren’t naturally and easily learned “on the job” in the absence of focused professional development.

The five gaps we discuss:
1. Understanding of what learning is.
2. How to personalize (differentiate) instruction without driving themselves crazy or just pretending that they’re doing it.
3. How to use data (not just understand it, but figure out what to do about it).
4. What the purpose and effective practices of grading are.
5. How to optimize their own learning.

We hope to provide insights into the importance of these gaps are and how they can be remedied.

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