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Healthy Brains: The Latest Research on Keeping (or Losing) Your Mind


10% of 65-year olds have Alzheimer’s Disease. The odds climb to 50% for those who reach age 85. But whether or not you have Alzheimer’s is only part of the picture. Brain autopsies have shown the effects of Alzheimer’s, without evidence of dementia. And any of us can take important steps to keep our brains healthy and vibrant as we age. In this webinar, Dr. Pat Wolfe, one of the world’s leading authorities on translating neuroscience research to practical application in education and in other aspects of life, will explain what the science tells us about keeping our minds fit throughout our lives.

Dr. Wolfe is an international authority on the educational implications and application of current neuroscience, cognitive science and education research to teaching and learning. In her capacity as an independent consultant, she has trained thousands of administrators, teachers, boards of education, and parents in schools and districts throughout the United States and in over 50 countries internationally. She is an award-winning author and has appeared on numerous videotape series, satellite broadcasts, radio shows and television programs. Her books include Brain Matters: Translating the Research to Classroom Practice and Building the Reading Brain, PreK-3 (co-authored with Dr. Pamela Nevills). She is also the author of numerous book chapters and articles.


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