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BrainWare Learning Company provides educational programs to close learning gaps using students’ strengths. Students build upon existing knowledge to tackle new skills and further develop self-growth.

My district used BrainWare Safari in several ways, based on School Principal needs for existing schedules and Teachers’ assessments: after-school for enrichment and during intervention blocks. Both Middle Schools were successful in their deliveries – parents, teachers and students saw long-term gains in cognitive development. Our district used this for one-year based on funding sources at that time.

The support we received from the BrainWare Learning Company rep and support team were excellent. Staff were quite impressed with the data and research provided. Details showed us how beneficial our selected programs would be as well as addressing potential difficulties and challenges. I highly suggest you purchasing this. Our rep heard our needs as well as our funding limitations, thus creating a customized a plan to work! Janet G., School Principal

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