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Cognitive Skills like attention and memory are the foundation for learning. Each mind develops uniquely, with some cognitive skills that are stronger than others. Our cognitive strengths and weaknesses impact our success in school, the workplace and in life.

Learning Capacity is not fixed. It can be developed.



Understanding your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and how those strengths and weaknesses relate to academic and social performance is something you won’t typically be able to find out from your child’s school. For the most part, schools focus on what your child is learning not how they learn.

Strengthening the cognitive skills that are weaker for your child and nurturing those that are already strong can help them approach learning experiences with confidence, bounce back from frustrations, and acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in school and life.


The cognitive demands of higher education or a career continue to increase. Strengthening cognitive skills in adulthood may be somewhat harder than when we’re younger, but it can still be effective and lead to better performance.

It is also true that, at some point, just about everyone will experience some degree of decline in cognitive skills. Keeping our brains healthy and active can lessen the impact. The research in the field suggests that physical exercise, social interaction and challenging mental activities, including cognitive training, can help us maintain or even improve our cognitive functioning at just about any age.


Wondering if cognitive training could help?

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Cognitive training is a little like physical training. It is most effective when done with the right frequency and intensity, over an appropriate time span, when it gets more challenging at just the right pace, and when it is highly engaging. It is like physical training or therapy in that the right coach can help you achieve the best results.

Individual needs vary. When it comes to cognitive training solutions for children or adults at home, we always start with a 45-minute phone consultation. In this call, we will work with you to clarify your specific situation and whether and how we can help.

If you are curious but not quite ready to hop on the phone with us, you may want to check out our presentation on:

5 Simple Steps Our Clients Use to Help Their Child
Turn Their Academic Career Around,
Radically Improve Their Grades,
and Grow into Well-Rounded Successful Young Adults

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After the cognitive foundation is in place …

Children learn to speak naturally but reading almost always requires instruction. Our three reading programs are firmly grounded in neuroscience, like everything we do. They are also supported by research on their effectiveness and they are delivered using engaging video-game design. Learn more about cognitive skills and reading with:

LiteracyPlanet (Comprehensive Literacy that Engages Learners in Phonics, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar)


Cognitive Skills Topics

Parents often have questions about topics that may affect their children’s learning in school and performance in various aspects of everyday life. Each of the links below will take you to information on the topic, the role of cognitive skills, and how assessment and/or cognitive training may be a benefit.

Attention Issues / Attention Deficit (ADHD)
Learning Struggles / Learning Disabilities
Executive Functions
Gifted Learners



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