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There are a variety of reasons to use a cognitive assessment:

  1. To serve as a baseline and post-training measurement of the impact of cognitive training.
  2. To understand how an individual learns as the basis for the development of personalized learning strategies.
  3. As the basis for accommodations and supports as part of an IEP (Individualized Learning Plan) or 504 plan.
  4. As a general screen to see if more in-depth assessment is needed.

BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales

The BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales were developed by clinicians as a way to help gauge an individual’s cognitive development. Behaviors that are indicative of cognitive development and that can be readily observed were selected for the rating scales. Scales for children and adults reveal areas of relative cognitive strength and weakness. The rating scales can be used as a general screen or as an informal baseline and post-training indicator of the impact of cognitive training. There is no cost to use our rating scales.  Access Rating Scales.

Mindprint Cognitive Assessment

This scientifically valid, nationally normed cognitive assessment yields a comprehensive profile of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It can be used as an independent measure of growth from a cognitive training program, and for any of the other uses listed above. Learn more.

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