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Help for Students Out of School Because of COVID-19

These are certainly unprecedented times. Millions of children are out of school in efforts to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

We want to help by offering a free 60-day license for our two wonderful online literacy programs — LiteracyPlanet and SkateKids, beginning March 16, 2020. The idea is get everyone through what would be end of the current school year.  

LiteracyPlanet is comprehensive ELA — reading, spelling, grammar, and writing — awesomely gamified — and you can get get a student up and running in moments. Computer, Chromebook, Tablet.

SkateKids is a cognitively based reading program (with a version for younger kids called Ramps To Reading as young as 4) that focuses on cognitive skill development and comprehension. Very easy to use and kids love it. Computer or Chromebook.

ReadReady Reading Assessment also available at no charge. ReadReady enables parents and teachers to assess six categories of reading skills and determine how a student compares to his/her peers.  It is taken online in about an hour and is appropriate for grades 3 and up.  Now that kids are home, parents don’t always know how to judge whether their child’s reading skills are on track.  This can help

Parents Can Fill This Form Out to Get Either or Both Programs for Their Children

and the Reading Assessment too …

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