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ReadReady is a reading assessment appropriate for grades 3 to 12.  It comprises six subtests that evaluating students’ reading skills in:

  • Word Recognition and Decoding – decoding and recognizing words in isolation
  • Vocabulary – recognizing meaning or semantic relationships of individual words
  • Morphological Awareness – using knowledge of word parts to identify which word fits the meaning and syntax of a sentence
  • Sentence Processing – building meaning from sentences by understanding causal connectors, pronouns, and relationships among terms
  • Reading Efficiency – reading for basic understanding with fluency
  • Reading Comprehension – comprehending the basic meaning of passages

The ReadReady assessment is administered online and takes about an hour to complete.

The six subtests form a foundation for students’ reading skills, constitute a comprehensive estimation of students’ reading ability, and can provide valuable insight into students’ relative strenghts and weaknesses. The scores are cross-grade comparable, meaning that any two students with the same score have the same skill level, regardless of their grade level.

The ReadReady reading assessment is a result of years of research and was validated by more than 170 thousand unique test administrations.  The results will indicate how your child/student compares to other children/students at the same grade level.

The ReadReady is currently being offered at no charge during the COVID-19 crisis.

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