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Welcome to BrainWare SAFARI.  The three keys (the 3 Ps) to a successful BrainWare SAFARI implementation in your school are:

  1. Planning
  2. Presentation
  3. Purposeful Coaching

The important steps involved in Planning are summarized below.  Presentation and Purposeful Coaching are covered in training, whether live/online or through the BrainWare 24/7 Online Training Center.


STEP 1:  Who, What, Where, When

Who Which students will be using BrainWare? Note: We do not recommend BrainWare SAFARI for children younger than 6. In a school setting, 2nd grade and up usually works best.
What What will be used to assess the impact? Some schools use our free Cognitive Rating Scale before and after the students use BrainWare. The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is one affordable option, but many schools use assessments like the CogAT and others. Of course, looking at the impact on academic assessments is also important. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your assessment plan.
Where Where are the computers? BrainWare SAFARI requires a computer with an Internet connection. The computer can be a PC or a Mac (with an operating system prior to Catalina). The program is not compatible with Chromebooks or tablets.
When When will students use the program?Plan a schedule that gets students on BrainWare SAFARI:
3 to 5 times per week
30 to 45 minutes per session
For 12 to 14 weeks


STEP 2:  Software Installation

Before anyone can actually play in BrainWare SAFARI, the program needs to be installed on your computers. Below are the installation links that you can share with your IT administrator and also use to install BrainWare on your home computers if you choose. NOTE: Each user has a unique username and password to log into BrainWare SAFARI.

PC users: Click Here
Mac users:  Click Here

STEP 3: Train the Teachers

Most of the software packages that schools buy include 60-90 minutes of live online training for teachers who will be working with students using BrainWare SAFARI. If you have not scheduled a training session, please contact us at 877-272-4610 ( to arrange for your training at a mutually convenient time.

We also have made our training materials available online so that anyone on your team can access them 24/7. A link to the 24/7 BrainWare Online Training Center is below. The training is set up in modules so you won’t have to watch everything at once AND you can go back and review the information at any time. Your organization’s Online Training login is in the email you received from us. You can access Coursesites via the link below. If you don’t have the login, call or email 877-272-4610 or

As part of training, we strongly recommend that teachers use their own BrainWare SAFARI Accounts

Firsthand experience is always the best teacher, so we also highly recommend that you play in BrainWare SAFARI too. We provide complimentary player accounts for all teachers and staff working with students in the program. You can find the player account login information for your staff under the Staff Coach Account on your dashboard in the Admin Portal. If you need any additional complimentary staff player accounts, please contact This will ensure that you don’t use up any licenses you’ve purchased for students. Teachers and staff will find BrainWare fun and challenging and experiencing the program will help everyone on the team coach your students as they work in the program.

STEP 4:  Set Up Student Accounts

The BrainWare Administration Portal is also where you will create your students’ accounts, look up forgotten logins and unlock accounts with duplicate logins. Your organization’s Administration Portal login is in the email we sent you, and the link to access it is below.

Administration Portal

BrainWare 24/7 Online Training Center

The BrainWare Coursesites Training Center contains multiple modules which will guide you through just about anything related to BrainWare. This is where you will get further support for your Planning, and learn what is involved in the other two keys to success, Presentation, and Purposeful Coaching.

In some cases, we may also be providing you with live training, either online or in person. Make sure you schedule your training a few weeks in advance. Any questions regarding training, please contact

This online course was designed to help you prepare to use BrainWare SAFARI with students. Everyone who is going to be using BrainWare SAFARI with their students should complete the first three modules prior to the time their students start the program. The fourth module should be viewed shortly after you start. Module 7 will be helpful to whoever is going to set up coaches and student accounts in the system. After you log in, use the navigation panel on the left to access the training modules in this course.

Module 1:  Using BrainWare SAFARI in a School Setting
Module 2:  BrainWare┬áSAFARI Training Demonstration
Module 3:  Tips for Succes
Module 4:   Monitoring Student Progress (Reporting View)
Module 5:  Information on Cognitive Skills and Academics
Module 6:   Overview of BrainWare SAFARI Research
Module 7:  The BrainWare SAFARI Admin Portal
Module 8:  Technical Information (Computer Stuff)

In addition to the eight modules, there is a Resources area where you will find helpful documents and links. We hope you visit the Share Your Comments and Ideas Discussion Forum and ask questions and share your thoughts with others using BrainWare SAFARI.

BrainWare SAFARI Technical Installation Tips

If your facility has a Technology Administrator, please make sure they have the information for the installation of BrainWare SAFARI.

BrainWare Account Administration Portal



The Account Administration Portal is where you will set up your staff as coaches, and assign licenses to your students as players. It also provides access to the Coach View where you can monitor student progress. Use the username and password you received via email to log into the Admin Portal.

BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales

The BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales may be used as one way to measure a student’s cognitive growth as he/she is using BrainWare SAFARI. A parent and/or a teacher can rate the student on behaviors that are indicative of cognitive development before he/she starts using BrainWare SAFARI and then after about 12-14 weeks of use.

Click on the links for two documents that show the cognitive skills developed in BrainWare SAFARI. The chart shows which skills are developed in which exercises. While there is also information on the skills developed in BrainWare within the program itself, this is a great overview reference. The second document has definitions of each of the skills.

BrainWare SAFARI Progress Chart

Teachers sometimes like to use this chart to have students record their activity in BrainWare SAFARI.

DRAFT Letter to Parents

This is a draft of a letter that can be used to communicate with parents about BrainWare SAFARI and how their students will be using the program at school.  This is a PDF and can’t be edited, but if you would like us to send you a Word document that you can edit, just email us at, and we’ll be happy to send it to you!

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