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Our innovative Cognitive Literacy Solutions

Help our clients address their brain fitness needs and improve their cognitive capacity, through the practical application of neuroscience to learning and teaching. We focus on foundational cognitive skills, executive functions, and the keys to literacy, that enhance performance in school, the workplace and life.

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Cognitive Skills: Foundation for Learning



Cognitive Training

Like physical exercise, cognitive exercise is for everyone.  Our cognitive training solutions are all built around BrainWare SAFARI cognitive training software.  BrainWare SAFARI is the world's most researched, comprehensive, integrated cognitive training software program delivered online.

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Literacy Engagement

The demands of modern society and careers require literacy for everyone and reading serves as the basis for most knowledge acquisition. We offer three reading and literacy programs that help develop skills the way the brain learns and in a highly engaging way.

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Cognitive Assessment

Our cognitive assessment solutions help to pinpoint areas of cognitive strength and weakness to support the development of truly personalized learning strategies and to measure improvements in an individual’s learning capacity from cognitive training.

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Professional Development

Teachers and administrators are increasingly determined to apply new knowledge about the brain to create classrooms and lessons that are brain-friendly and more effective.  But often the available information about brain research is esoteric and difficult to apply.

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